Tuesday, April 11

Holiday Inn
6001 Rockside Road
Independence, OH 44131

Success does not know age! George is living proof. From the age of 9 he started his deal making with the flip of his first car and now on April 11th, which is his 16th birthday, he will be spending it with the Greater Cleveland REIA and their guests sharing his journey of how he has bought and sold multiple homes, loaned private capital, sold notes and made more in 1 day than some of his peers make all summer at their job!
   Keep in mind that he did all of this in 3 short years using absolutely NO CREDIT and only  $1,000.00 dollars of seed capital that he saved up over a year!
   Prior to George hitting the stage, there will be a top performance coach speaking on taking action and breaking through limiting beliefs. So many times, we are our own worst enemies and you will be learning the secrets to making progress and not excuses to achieve the outcomes in life that you deserve!
So if you're a new investor or an old veteran but you are interested in bringing your son or daughter along to see first hand that anything is possible! You will not want to miss this rare appearance by a future real estate mogul!
Because of the excitement surrounded behind this topic in the current real estate market, seats are filling up fast and space is limited.
Please know that all members of REIA have VIP status and will have access to the session after the meeting however we still ask that you preregister to ensure we have enough seats for everyone. bringing your kids is highly encouraged!!!

Also our guest speaker opening the night will be:
Dennis Willis

1- Strong Business Improvement Background
I'm a former CEO, CIO and business owner myself, having spent 28 years successfully growing

businesses here in Northeast Ohio. I have a long history of turning money losing organizations and

teams into profitable, growth ventures. I've searched for business advice and never really found the

kind of support that I needed. Now, I work with business owners and executives to improve results in

cash flow, profits, sales & marketing, branding and product development, loyalty, employee hiring,

team building, time management, and implementing business systems for efficiency and repeatability.

2- Growth Mindset & Cash Flow

You can't make successful decisions about growth from a mental position of defense, or fear of where

the economy is headed. I will help you not only understand where your focus needs to be, but will

keep you positioned for taking control and continually seeking success. This is one of the most

powerful strategies we teach, and I'll help you teach it to your employees as well. I will help you

identify and learn the easiest and fastest ways to improve cash flow in your business, using

ActionCOACH's proven systems and tools. These tools have been in use for 17 years now, in 50

countries - they are proven, and they work.

3- Breakthrough Results & Team

I'll teach you to work more efficiently, save time and get better results... last year our client portfolio

was up significantly . What would a 100% improvement in profit look like in your company? I used to

have the mindset that I would never ask my employees to do anything I wasn't willing to do. Then I

hired folks much more skilled than I who could do things I could not. So I became really skilled at

learning how to motivate employees by helping them grow, develop, and produce results of which

they did not think themselves capable. I can help you do that too. I'll also introduce you to

an effective team recruitment system that brings you the right team members in the first place.

4- You'll See Your Dreams...

...goals, hopes and desires become a reality through business growth. My firm has helped many,

many local business owners reach their goals and push those goals even higher with our mentoring

programs. We're successful because our clients are successful - it's as simple as that.